A cartoon character goes to therapy because he feels rejected by the real world. In its self-analysis he ponders about the social rule to adapt and the value of daring to be oneself.


Unanimated (Desanimado in its original Spanish version) originated as part of a predoctoral research around the representation and presence (or absence) of homosexuality in animation, and of the need to contribute and filling the gap that exists in the cartoon and the subject.
Unanimated started as a research on sexual diversity, but its message was broaden so it could talk of diversity as a whole.
The main theme, that of difference and individuality, is told through a more obvious theme: Unanimated uses the animated medium itself as a metaphore of not being taken seriously, of being childish, weird, which is how cartoons are somehow perceived as opposed to "real" cinema. Cartoons are to cinema as different people are to the social norm. 

The director and Elena Martí verifie that the camera  was indeed recording.

Technical and Artistic Info

During the production of Unanimated I could count on the support of several members of the Politechnic University of Valencia, and its Drawing Department. I wish to thank especially Miquel Guillem, for his support in both the development of my artistic and written research.

Original Title: DESANIMADO
End of Production Date: March 2011
Duration: 07’10”
Original Language: Spanish
Recording and Editing Format: HDV 1080i 16:9
Animation Technique: Rotoscope

Direction, idea and script and production: Emilio Martí López
Production design and animation: Emilio Martí López
Music Composer: Javi Díaz
Musical Adviser: Joan López Díaz
Actors: Emilio Martí López, Joan López, Xelo Gorría, Ana Valiente, Carlos Martínez, Pilar López, Emilio Martí Navarro, Elena Martí, Anthony Nuckols
Camera: Ana Valiente, Elena Martí, Anthony Nuckols
Distribution: IVAC (2011-2012), Emilio Martí López